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eaasv : Message: May EAASV Meeting Video Posted – Indradeep Gosh, EV Owner and Sustainability Advocate

Presentation on his passion and comprehensive approach to move his family to become a Energy+ Household starting with the basics of using a Kill-A-Watt through purchase of two plug-in electric vehicles.

Thank you Indradeep for taking the time to document your journey and share it with our members… and now the larger community via YouTube.

Video Link:

Please share… if you only do one or two things on Indradeep’s plan you and the planet will be ahead!

Presentation topics: Energy+ Household, Family Sustainability, Electric Vehicle, Solar, Measuring Household Energy Use, Optimizing Energy, Home Automation, Heat Pump, Electric Miles, Ford Focus, Chevrolet Volt.

Indradeep Gosh, EV Owner and Sustainability Advocate
Location: Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto, CA

Length: 1:24 (Worth every minute of viewing)
Videographer: Volunteer Amateur! Unedited raw footage
Technical Notes:
Taken using a still camera tripod. Open to donations of a better one for smoother panning @ future events!

Have a nice weekend!

Paul Stith
VP, Silicon Valley Electric Auto


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