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eaasv : Message: EAASV Monthly Meeting on May 18, 2013


Join us for the next EAASV Monthly meeting on May 18, 2013 10am – noon
at HP, Palo Alto

The Guest Speaker will be Indradeep Gosh, EV Owner and Sustainability

Inradeep set himself the challenge to make his family 100% self-sustaining.

He studied his home energy use, then reduced the load through simple
changes so that the Solar PV array installed on his house meets all his
needs, including transportation by two plug-in cars.

He has achieved his goal of sustainable living for more than a year and
will show the check from PG&E paying him for excess energy generation at
the end of the year!!

He will present the tricks he used and may give you some ideas for
reducing your carbon footprint.

His house is not purpose-built for energy efficiency so almost anyone
could follow his methods if you are committed to working all the details
as he has done.

A form of this presentation has been given at the EcoGreen group earlier
in the year. If you missed it then, you have a second chance to can see
it now.




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