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Drive for Free? Deals on Electric Cars Keep on Coming |

For many consumers, electric vehicle ownership has been a nonstarter for purely financial reasons. The math indicated that the money one saved in gas from an EV was usually outweighed by the car’s high initial price. But the math has been changing.

The financial argument for buying an electric car is getting a lot more compelling lately, thanks to special lease deals from manufacturers and generous rebates and incentives from the federal government and certain states. One such state is Georgia, which gives an income tax credit of $5,000 for the purchase of an electric vehicle. Add in special lease deals from Nissan for its battery-powered Leaf and the federal tax credit of $7,500, and out-of-pocket costs for a two-year lease in Georgia come to a smidge over $2,000.

The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted the case of one Georgia resident who did just that. Bronson Beisel traded in his SUV for a Leaf, and he figures the $200 per month he’s saving ongasoline more than makes up for the $2,000 or so the vehicle will cost him over the course of two years. Sure, there are electricity costs, but those are negligible, according to Beisel:



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