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Do Electric Cars Alter Your Brain Forever? An Owner Says Yes

Having now driven my Nissan Leaf electric car for more than a year, I’ve begun to ask myself whether it’s permanently altered my brain.

And I have to be honest: The answer, from my perspective, is a resounding YES.

I ‘feel better’ for the following reasons:

I spend less money on fuel and maintenance
The pollution I don’t emit benefits the environment
Lower operating noise from the vehicle is comforting
etc, etc.
But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there’s one problem I frequently experience as a result of owning an electric car: I drive faster now than I did in my previous gas-powered car.

It’s my understanding that this is a common occurrence among electric-car drivers.

It apparently started long, long ago. Even then, higher speeds were the result of the relative silence of electric cars.

I sense that my first ticket in this car is simply a forgone conclusion and probably not too far down the road, as the saying goes.

Of the five senses, sight is obviously the most important while driving–but hearing is more important than I realized.

This was quickly brought to my attention when I lost the ‘audible cue’ from a noisy internal combustion engine.

When you floor the accelerator of a gas-powered car, the revving sound lets you know the car will speed up quickly.



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