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Couple’s 2,000 mile electric car trip using only free power

A couple completed a 2,000-mile trip on free power and giving off zero emissions in their electric car to prove how efficient the eco-friendly alternative is.

Retired Brian and Jean Orr set off in their Mitsubishi iMiev to highlight the need for more electric vehicle (EV) charging points around the country.

During the 17-day trip from London to the Scottish Highlands the pair were forced to avoid motorways and plan every stage of their route to ensure they had enough power to reach the next charging point after leaving their home in Montague Close, Wokingham.

Mr Orr said: “We didn’t go out to buy an electric car but it is a splendid alternative and is fun to travel in.

“I used a number of hotels to charge the car but they seem to be unreliable because there is not much uptake.

“As far as I know there are no publicly provided charging points locally and we are totally dependent on the likes of Waitrose in Bracknell and Sainsbury’s in Maidenhead. When I tried to go to the South coast I found I couldn’t do it.

“In Scotland there were plenty of charging points and I was told there will be 250 by this summer.”


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