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Cool Cars from the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show: the Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia Viwa Concept

The Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia Viwa Concept is a small, affordable electric car that represents the next step in the Dongfeng-Nissan partnership. This partnership has culminated in a few electric cars that are already in production, like the Dongfeng-Nissan E30 which is based upon a Nissan Leaf. The Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia Viwa Concept is smaller than the Leaf/E30 and will, most likely, be more affordable.

The Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia Viwa Concept was unveiled at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. Details remain nonexistent. Everything from here is speculation. I did find one quote…

The Viwa concept (Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia Viwa Concept) has been designed in line with China’s new energy vehicle policy and developed to be “reliable, practical, efficient and accessible,” according to Ren Yong, vice president of Dongfeng-Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co.- – Dongfeng-Nissan via Ray Jing & China Automotive Review

Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia Viwa Concept 2

The Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia Viwa Concept certainly looks the business. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like that on our roads. The aesthetics of a vehicle are so important and I think the Dongfeng-Nissan partnership have a slick looking vehicle on their hands.

Judging by the buzz and rumor, the Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia Viwa Concept should address at least a few of the issues of the E30, such as price and size. There’s no way of knowing exactly what they will charge for the production version of the Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia Viwa Concept, but I can certainly guess. Given its size and overall design, I would guess that it should be about 10% cheaper than the E30.

I could be wrong.

One thing is certain, the Dongfeng-Nissan Venucia Viwa Concept is mighty good looking and China is very hungry for electric cars. This could be a big seller.


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