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Chinese Automotive Lithium Battery Sector Analysed in New Huidian Research Study Published at


In 2012, the global lithium battery market grew 30% y-o-y, with the capacity reaching 33.5GWH. Electric vehicles (EVs) accounted for the majority of demand, followed by the consumer electronics field.

In 2012, the Chinese lithium battery pack market scale in the areas of new energy vehicle (NEV), special vehicle, grid energy storage, and communication base station reached CNY 3.5bn, up 34.6% from 2011. The sharpest increase in demand is fuelled by car makers seeking to bring lithium battery powered and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) to market. The market demand for lithium battery in the NEV field is forecast to approach CNY 7.3bn in 2013 growing at a rate of 265%, with the number set to reach close to CNY 49bn by 2017-end.

New study “Research on Global and China Automotive Lithium Battery Industry, 2013-2017” created by Huidian Research delves into analysis of China’s automotive lithium battery industry. Its scope comprises:

overview of the automotive lithium battery industry globally and in China;
in-depth analysis of the automotive lithium battery market and industry – operation status of HEV, PHEV and EV markets; development status of global and China’s automotive lithium battery market; supply relationship between automotive lithium battery manufacturers and automobile enterprises; analysis and forecast of market demand);
insights into economic operation in the lithium battery industry;
review of material development in lithium battery industry;
profiles of key domestic enterprises;
technological development of automotive lithium battery industry;
development forecast and investment prospects of China’s automotive lithium battery industry.

Companies discussed include: Fengfan Co., Ltd., Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. Wanxiang EV Co., Ltd., BYD, and Goslight Group.

Report Details:

Title: Research on Global and China Automotive Lithium Battery Industry, 2013-2017

Published: May, 2013

Pages: 84

Price: US$ 1,950.00

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