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Beijing: 50,000 Electric Cars By 2015, 30,000 For Private Uses

Beijing plans to have 50,000 electric cars by 2015, 30,000 of which will be owned privately, the rest used as public transit, taxis and other public uses, Legal Evening News reports.

On Sunday, the first electric car rental service in Beijing opened in the Wudaokou area of the city as part of the Electric Beijing Partnership Plan, according to Caixin News, a financial news website. As part of the launch, dozens of charging posts were installed. The partnership between Yika Car Rental Service and Beijing Automotive Group, or BAIC Group, one of China’s largest state-owned automakers, has rolled out the first batch of electric cars, 15 vehicles produced by BAIC.

Electric Car, Shanghai Photo: Reuters/Carlos Barria A Chinese woman contemplates an electric car at a car show in Shanghai.

This is part of the initiative to popularize electric cars in Beijing, in the hopes of alleviating the city’s infamous congestion and pollution problems. The plan”>is to have 50,000 electric or hybrid vehicles in Beijing by 2015, which will include 30,000 private vehicles, 8,000 public buses — a third of the total number of buses in Beijing — 10,000 taxis or government vehicles and 2,000 for uses in logistics, environmental, postal and rental sectors, Legal Evening News, a Beijing newspaper, reports.


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