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April EV & Hybrid Sales Report | CleanTechnicaCleanTechnica

Unfortunately, the report below doesn’t include Tesla sales, but it still rounds up April 2013 sales for the other hybrid and electric vehicles for sale in the US. Have a look and let us know your thoughts!

Compared to April 2012, not many automakers can be too happy about their hybrid and electric vehicle sales. Basically, just Nissan and Ford have something to cheer about, and they certainly do!

Click to embiggen this beast.

Ford hybrid and EV sales were up 567.8% in April 2013 compared to April 2012 ― 8,628 sales compared to 1,292. The bulk of the sales were for the Ford Fusion Hybrid (3,625, or 365.94% more than April 2012′s 778) and the Ford C-Max Hybrid (3,197; not on the market in April 2012). But the Lincoln MKZ (884 sales, 122.67% higher than the 397 sold in April 2012), Ford C-Max Energi PHEV (411; not on the market in April 2012), Ford Fusion Energi PHEV (364; not on the market in April 2012), and Ford Focus Electric (147; not on the market in April 2012) also boosted the companies green vehicle sales.

The Nissan Leaf, still riding the sales surge created by its considerable price drop, rolled off the lot 1,937 times in April 2013, 423.51% more than the 370 figure from April 2012.



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