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App for Nissan Leaf Battery Application

The Leaf Battery Application is a software program that runs on most Android phones. The program reads information broadcast over the CAR-CAN bus using a clone OBDII bluetooth Scanner plugged into the Leafs OBD port (under the dash just to the left of the steering wheel) and a Bluetooth connection to the phone. The software was written by Jim Pollock (Turbo3 on the mynissanleaf forum). The latest version can be downloaded from his dropbox account. The program provides:

Information on the voltage of each of the 96 cell pairs in the battery pack
Which cells have their shunts currently active (this is the battery balancing) – currently needs work, selected cells do not appear to be the correct ones
The maximum difference in cell pair voltages (tells you whether the pack is well balanced or not)
The voltage of your 12 volt battery (requires calibration with a voltmeter)
The readout from each of the 4 temperature sensors in the battery pack
The percentage state of charge (SOC)

Additional calculated values (currently based on Simulated Gids, which are not very accurate at this time):

Simulated Gids as a raw number or a percentage of 281 (the usual maximum reading of a new Leaf); real Gids can only be read from the EV-CAN bus which the OBDII scanner can’t read unless it is physically modified
Kwh remaining in the Leaf battery pack
Watt hours used by the Leaf since you last reset it
Temperature difference between highest and lowest temperature reading from battery pack sensors
Distance to empty based on your personal settings for efficiency (miles per kwh) and the amount of energy you want to leave as an emergency reserve

In addition, there is a logging function so you can monitor the change in parameters every one minute to one hour (time interval can be set by user). The log file can then be imported to a spreadsheet so you can graph the changes over time.


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