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2013 Nissan Leaf officially rated at 115 MPGe, with 75 miles* of range – AutoblogGreen

The news keeps getting better for Nissanand its efforts to boost sales of its all-electric Leaf: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ahs confirmedthat the EV’s range is about 15 percent better than it used to be.

The EPA finalized its 2013 Leaf numbers, confirming a miles per gallon-equivalent rating of 115, up from 99 MPGe. And while the single-charge range distance is only up two miles – to 75 – it’s apples to oranges because the current number stems from about a 90 percent charge whereas the old number is from a full charge (details here). The new Leaf also gets 129 city mpge and 102 mpge on the highway.

Nissan estimated the EPA numbers back in February, but the confirmation is the latest bit of good news for the Leaf, whosesales through the first four months of the year more than doubled from a year earlier to 5,476 units. Additionally, the Leaf was given the top safety rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) earlier this month.


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