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WSDOT – 2013 – Earth Day forecast: sustainable transportation


Seth Stark, WSDOT sustainable transportation manager, 360-705-7913(Olympia)

Noel Brady, WSDOT communications, 206-464-1183 (Seattle)

Building commitment to clean, efficient mobility
OLYMPIA – Earth Day 2013 marks an opportunity for Washingtonians to learn how they can reduce their own carbon emissions and how programs at the Washington State Department of Transportation can help.

Transportation-related activities account for nearly half of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Washington. In its long-range plans and day-to-day operations, WSDOT considers sustainability practices to help reduce GHG emissions in a multitude of ways. This includes designing highways that work best for communities, integrating transit, bicycling and walking into projects and employing techniques that reduce stormwater pollutants.

“The things we do in our homes and on our roads can make a big difference in combating climate change,” said Governor Inslee. “Each and every one of us has an opportunity every day to improve the health of our air, land and water. Whether it’s carpooling with a friend to work one day a week, planning your trips to reduce the miles on your car, or even choosing to commute on your bike, these small steps add up to big reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and polluted stormwater runoff.”



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