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Will You Be Charged For Not Charging? –

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As more electric vehicles are hitting the road, more charging stations are popping up across the desert.

But are gas-fueled cars stealing those spots?
Frank from Palm Desert thinks so, he wrote us, “I think you should investigate why gas cars in our desert are parking in spots reserved for electric cars… Are there fines for this, like parking in a handicap spot?!”
It’s the law in California, only vehicles plugged into charging stalls are supposed to be parking in electric car spaces.
But we learned that the city of Palm Desert isn’t enforcing that law.
So, will you get charged, for not charging?

You can find electric charging stations scattered across Palm Desert, also hybrid and clean air vehicle spaces .
Robin Johnson of Rancho Mirage gets to park a little closer because of her car.
“Well if the intent is to encourage people to do things that will improve the environment, and help us save money on gas and oil and so forth, there probably should be some consequence to parking illegally in those spaces,” said Johnson.
In a hybrid only parking spot we found one hybrid, and one car not supposed to be there.
“It’s definitely not as bad as parking in a handicapped spot. but I think that the cities have set up these things to benefit those that are doing things that are green,” said Temecula resident, Don Woo.
Could you face a fine if you’re found parked in one these spots that are meant for hybrid or electric vehicles?
“No, they probably would not receive a citation at this point,” said Palm Desert Compliance Supervisor, Pedro Rodriguez.


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