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Westport Electric Car Club to roll out cars in rally Saturday

WESTPORT — When the members of the Westport Electric Car Club roll out their energy efficient, gasless vehicles at their first Electric Car Club EV Road Rally on Saturday, the message will be clear-green and efficient driving doesn’t equate to boring driving.

“Any misconception that people have had about electric cars has been erased by the Tesla Motor Car Company,” said club member and writer at Electrifying Times magazine, Remy Chevalier. “The Tesla has become one of the most coveted luxury cars in America. The performance is better, and it’s much faster than a conventional motor car. A $100,000 Tesla will smoke a million-dollar Ferrari.”

An estimated 20 unique cars will be showcased to the public at the Electric Car Rally on Saturday. Rally vehicles include Tesla Model S (Car of the Year 2013), Tesla Roadster, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Fisker Karma, Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV, Smart Car EVs and more. Two of the first electric cars in America will be on display: 1907 Columbia built in Hartford CT and 1910 Broc Electric Car, courtesy of Dragone Classic Motorcars of Westport.

“This is an exciting and timely event for the revolution of electric cars In America. Electric cars get very little attention in this region of the country, yet Westport is a leading community in the state and nation,” said Wesport Electric Car Club president Leo Cirino. “We invite the public to see and understand the variety of long-range electric alternative vehicles”.

The rally will start 10 a.m. at the eastbound side of the Saugatuck Railroad Station charging stations.

Rally entrants, all driving partial or fully electric “plug in” cars, will follow a time-speed-distance rally, with a public “Pit Stop” from 11:15 to 11:45am during the Fairfield Earth Day Celebration at Fairfield Warde High School.

The cars will complete their three-hour rally run at the westbound side of the Saugatuck Railroad parking lot at which time awards will be presented to the winners.



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