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Volvo C30 Ushers in Fast Charging Upgrade

Sprucing up electric vehicles is not a snappy process like that of gasoline vehicles. Plugging EVs to an ordinary port could be a slow affair. Manufacturers have come up with fast charging stations, but the so called high power outlets are only a few in number and making it commercially viable would take time.

In future, EVs might only need a few minutes of charging so as to fill the whole battery. Taking several hours for charging is a lot to ask for and that fact is a major concern in hindering the world wide EV ownership expansion.

From a household single phase plug, most of today’s EVs would take at least 8 hours to reach the full level. Fast charging stations will do the job in between one or two hours and in most cases these fast charging stations can fill 80 percent of the battery pack in half an hour.


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