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Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to test six electric Nissan Leafs as New York City taxis. We asked our followers on Twitter what they thought about the experiment. Comments from Twitter and Facebook:

Electric taxis will work much better than current taxis. At 75 to 80 miles per charge, the Nissan Leaf will be great for driving around in high-traffic city areas. Little power is used during stop-and-go traffic.

— William Wheeler

I would rather see New York using Chevy Volt, Tesla S, Ford Focus Electric or Amp Electric Vehicles.

— @jeffpwoltz

Electric taxis — such as the Nissan Leaf — will work as long as the weather is the right temperature, passengers are small, carry little or nothing with them, and don’t have far to travel.

In a practical sense, the Chevrolet Volt, and the Toyota Prius and Ford Fusion and C-MAX are much better because they aren’t constrained by a power cord.

— Gene Masters

I think that’s a good thing. It would show people that electric cars are a reliable mode of transport.

— @TonyTheMacUser

After 42,000 miles in my Nissan Leaf, I am sure that the car is perfect as a taxi. As long as the cars are charged in places where drivers take breaks anyway, there’s no problem.

— Brian Keez

It’s a good start to make the yellow cabs go “green.”



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