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USA: Los Altos’ EV Vehicle Charge Stations Are A Go!

The finishing touches on the parking stalls for Los Altos’ first public EV charging stations were completed Tuesday. At $1 an hour, Los Altos falls on the less-expensive side of the equation, but not exactly free, like several other cities.

Los Altos city worker Thien Quach sets up a stencil under the direction of Jamaae Bridges, in preparation for the city’s new ChargePoint electric vehicle charging station going on line in Parking Plaza 3 downtown, near Lulu’s restaurant Credit L.A.Chung

Los Altos’ first public electric vehicle charging stations are ready to get you on the road. If you have an electric car, that is.

On Tuesday afternoon, city workers were stenciling on the last of the “EV Charging Only” signs on the parking spaces in two spots—behind the Bus Barn Theater and in Parking Plaza 3 across from Lulu’s restaurant.

“They were all installed by Friday, but only one was running, said city Economic Development Manager Kathy Kleinbaum, explaining the other charging stations had some software glitches that have since been resolved.

Kleinbaum said members of GreenTown Los Altos had been swinging by to check the progress, and finally tried a test charge.


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