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USA: Casa Grande gas station gets electric car charger


Nothing is worse than running out of gas, especially on the drive to Tucson. Now imagine running out of electricity.

Most electric cars won’t make the 100+ miles between Phoenix and Tucson on a single charge. But now they can make a high tech pit stop to get them to their final destination.

“Nobody wants to get stuck in July between Phoenix and Tucson in an electric vehicle that has no charge,” says Mike Mennenga.

Casa Grande is the halfway point, give or take, between Phoenix and Tucson on Interstate 10.

“We added these, Friday they went online.”

This Casa Grande gas station has the first Blink fast charger on the route.

“They’ll be able to charge it up within 20 or 30 minutes and be back on their way.”

Mike Mennenga owns the gas station and Discovery Market — just the spot for a quick charge to complete the Phoenix to Tucson drive.

“To be able to mainly get from Phoenix to Tucson, that’s been the biggest challenge so far is being able to do that because they have a limited range.”

There were no electric cars in the three charging stations while we were there today.

“I’ve been told its going to be a little bit slow. It is going to take time to build up.”


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