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USA: 5,200 Public EV Charging Stations, 58 Hydrogen Fueling Stations

We all have our own favorites when it comes to clean cars of the future. Since I am writing on this site, I think you can tell what mine is. However, there are of course others who think that hydrogen-powered cars own the future. I remember seeing an ad (I think from Ford) in a major magazine about 10 years ago that was about the beautiful fact that hydrogen-powered cars didn’t emit pollution, just water (and heat). 10 years later, I’m yet to see a fancy hydrogen-powered car… wait, actually, I did see one at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (see the pic below) — I guess I should say that I’m yet to see one on the road.
hydrogen fuel cell car

A 5-second friend and me in front of a hydrogen fuel cel car in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Credit: Marika Krakwoiak / Zachary Shahan

I’m really not certain what kind of future hydrogen-powered cars have (see the interview I conducted with NREL Director Dan Arvizu at the bottom of this post), but it’s pretty clear that electric vehicles are moving into the future a lot faster than hydrogen-powered vehicles. As one indication of that, I’ll finally discuss the numbers posted in the title.


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