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USA; 15th Annual ELECTRIC CAR RALLY in Fort Pierce, FL – Apr 27


Hello Folks… the other half of Green Shed here.. ( Audrey).

We are having our 15th Annual ELECTRIC CAR RALLY in Fort Pierce, FL on
APRIL 27th (Rain Date May 4th) from 11 to 4 pm in the parking lot
of ADVANCE AUTO PARTS ( who have graciously hosted this event all 15
year). FREE to all. Show/Shine Trophies and EV rides to the
Public… MY latest project…..The HULK will be there !! the Hulk
can be see at:

This is my 3rd EV that Steve has helped me with..
My idea to design the MOTOR, Controller and some
Lithium batteries to give me that big V8 “Flat Head” look and Steve
was able to fabricate it….along with his idea to weld heavy chain
and use it to support the motor and to attach the motor to the
transmission gives the 1956 F500 that RAT ROD look we were looking
for. We got rid of the bell housing and have 6 – 1 foot long piece
of chain that are welded together ( kind of like the way people set up
their mail boxes) to support the motor and transmission.

PLEASE join us in celebration of 15 years of STEVE CLUNN’s electric
car gatherings.. Drive, Bring or tow your Project.. Show it off !!

After attending 3 years of the Cocoa Beach Sunday Challenge Event
which was cancelled, Steve started this event and has been doing it

We are in the process of moving to our new SHOP Location and home.. in

Steve Clunn
Tomorrow’s Ride…Today


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