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Two-state event celebrates sustainable living

Khanti Munro, right, vice president of Positive Energy NY of Granville, talks with intern Caleb Kinney about using a solar panel during last week’s Poultney, Vt., Earth Day Fair. (Bryanna Allen-Rickstad – Special to The Post-Star)

2 hours ago • BRYANNA ALLEN-RICKSTAD — Special to The Post-Star
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POULTNEY, Vt. — The front yard of Poultney High School was scattered with milking cows, goats, bicycles and solar panels for the sixth annual Poultney Earth Day Fair.

Thursday’s event takes place every spring in order to celebrate sustainability by inviting local, earth-friendly businesses from both New York and Vermont.

“It’s a way to make connections in our lives,” said Green Mountain College student and event coordinator Charlene Smith. “It’s about broad ideas coming together to accomplish the goal of sustainability.”

Each year, the fair has a different theme. This year’s theme was “Balanced Earth-Balanced Life,” and each company that took part in the event had to somehow incorporate that theme into its display.

“Transportation is a huge part of global warming,” said Tim Johnson as he gave a bike a free tune-up.


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