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Toyota ME.WE Electric Car Concept: Green From The Wheels Up

The Toyota ME.WE isn’t your typical Toyota concept car.
In fact, were it not for the word Toyota appearing at the top of this page, you might have assumed the quirky little electric car was from another maker entirely.

Toyota’s concepts are often a lot more edgy and futuristic looking, like its Shanghai Auto Show exhibits. By contrast, the ME.WE’s boxy proportions, earthy color scheme and simplistic interior appear to hark back to European beach cars of the 1960s, like the Mini Moke and Fiat Jolly.

There is, of course, more to the ME.WE than meets the eye. It’s as high-tech as any other Toyota concept, and almost certainly greener too.

It starts with the electric powertrain, using in-wheel motors borrowed from the Toyota i-Road concept, and under-floor batteries as seen in the Toyota and Scion iQ EVmodels.

With a motor for each wheel, the ME.WE offers the option of two or four-wheel drive, when required–without the weight penalty such a system would usually demand. Lack of any intrusive drivetrain elements also allows more of the car’s volume to be used for interior space.



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