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Titusville man loves his electric car: No vehicle emissions, zero regrets

John Giammarino’s electric car charges him up.

“I love this car, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made,” the 55-year-old Titusville engineer said recently pulling his 2012 electric Nissan Leaf onto Interstate 95 so he could show off its acceleration and speed.

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And lest you have doubts about an electric car’s ability to flex some muscle, Giammarino has an answer.

“I’ve blown Camaros off the line,” he boasts.

About 18 months after purchasing his black Nissan Leaf — he’s believed to be the first local owner of the automaker’s all-electric automobile — the 55-year-old Giammarino reflected on what it has been like to operate a vehicle that doesn’t run on fossil fuel and “filling up” at a recharging station instead of a convenience store.

While hybrids, cars that operate using both gasoline and electric motors grow popular, Giammario is member of a very select fraternity of zero-emission drivers.

He and others proudly discuss their cost-savings, the reaction from other motorists and also how they go about planning excursions from one charging station to the next in a car with a 75-mile range.

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