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Based on soft-packed, electrolyte-starved LiFePO4 rechargeable pouch cell technology, LiFT™ Pack 250Ahe-24V was developed for Class III lift trucks, known as walkies. Dripless sealed cell technology eliminates acid exposure and threat of damage to facility, equipment, and staff. By constantly monitoring cell voltage, temperature, and balance, Battery Management System computes battery pack’s charging status and health, and controls system components used in charging/discharging battery pack.

Press Release

Flux Power Introduces New Line of Advanced Lithium Battery Packs for Material Handling Equipment

New 24V LiFT™ Pack is Specifically Designed to Extend Life, Reduce Maintenance and Lower the Cost of Energy Storage Systems in Material Handling Equipment

ESCONDIDO, Calif., — Flux Power(®) Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: FLUX), a fully reporting company and an innovator in durable, scalable, and affordable advanced energy storage systems, today introduced the first product in its new line of LiFT(TM) Pack solutions. The LiFT(TM) Pack 250Ahe-24V* is an advanced lithium battery pack that is proven to outperform and outlast premium lead-acid batteries. Based on soft-packed, electrolyte-starved LiFePO4 rechargeable pouch cell technology, the LiFT Pack 250Ahe-24V is ideal for large energy storage systems used in the material handling equipment industry.

This 24V LiFT Pack was designed specifically for the material handling lift equipment market. In particular, the LiFT Pack 250Ahe-24V was developed for Class III lift trucks, known as “walkies.” This class of equipment is typically used for moving pallets either in a distribution center, or on and off of delivery trucks. The pack has been sized dimensionally so that it will fit a broad range of walkie manufacturer battery enclosure sizes and, as a result, is designed as a universal application. The first pilot production units of the LiFT Pack are slated for use in walkies for food and beverage distribution centers.

“The LiFT Pack product line lasts much longer than a typical lead-acid battery, which means fewer battery replacements are needed over the life of the equipment, resulting in a much reduced cost of ownership for our customers. Our battery pack is also equipped with a dripless sealed cell technology that eliminates acid exposure and the threat of damage to the facility, the equipment, and the staff. As a result, watering batteries is a thing of the past with our new LiFT Packs. The time once spent servicing batteries can be redirected to other critical tasks, increasing our customer’s productivity and reducing maintenance costs,” said Chris Anthony, CEO of Flux Power. “What we have developed is a state-of-the-art battery pack that performs better and lasts many times longer than premium lead-acid batteries, is virtually maintenance-free, and costs our customers substantially less over time.

“Flux Power is the leader in advanced lithium energy storage solutions and we have a successful history of delivering cost efficient solutions to customers around the globe. As the only company today providing lithium battery packs directly to the material handling market, our high-performance products offer a cost-efficient and reliable alternative to lead-acid batteries” said Anthony. “I am excited about the huge market opportunity. Recent research from World Industrial Truck Statistics (WITS) indicates that the number of Class III walkies sold in the U.S. in 2011 was more than 60,000 and worldwide, that number is more than 250,000, with several times that number available for upgrade in the field,” added Anthony.

The key feature enabling such dramatic cost efficiency over lead-acid is Flux Power’s patent-pending Battery Management System (BMS), which constantly monitors cell voltage, temperature and balance. The BMS then computes the battery pack’s charging status and health, and controls major system components used in charging and discharging the battery pack. This precise control results in a battery that lasts many times longer than a premium lead-acid battery–delivering more than 2,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. With the LiFT Pack 250Ahe-24V, customers require fewer battery replacements, saving money and achieving a lower cost of ownership.

A product data sheet with additional information on the Flux LiFT Pack 250Ahe-24V Battery Pack can be found under the Product section of the company’s website at

*Equivalent performance to 250Ah lead-acid battery for a 6-hour discharge cycle

About Flux Power

Flux Power designs, develops, and sells cost efficient advanced energy storage systems. Incorporated in October 2009, Flux Power began shipping prototype products in the second quarter of 2010 while continuing to develop its intellectual property portfolio. Currently, Flux Power’s product offerings include batteries in various sizes and forms, packaged modules, fully advanced energy storage systems and various system accessories. These accessories include: stand-alone battery management, stackable chargers, programming software and display systems. Flux Power sells modular advanced energy storage products through distributors and directly to original equipment manufacturers. These customers benefit from Flux Power’s advanced systems technologies, which greatly extend cycle life and improve system performance. For more information or

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Company Information:
Name: Flux Power, Inc.
Address: 2240 Auto Park Way
City: Escondido
State: CA
ZIP: 92029


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