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The Tesla Model S Taxi Starts Service On Both Coasts

tesla-taxiThe Tesla Model S is popping up in taxi and chauffeur fleets from coast to coast, partly to gauge customer reaction, and partly to see if the electric sedan has the chops to handle being a livery vehicle.

In Los Angeles, Strack Transportation will be the first to see how customers react to being picked up in the Tesla Model S; and if it is a viable business option considering the cost of the vehicle and battery range give the LA traffic. However, with a 265 mile range the battery should not be a problem in a major metropolitan area.

Meanwhile in Boston, the app based cab service Uber and UberX is offering an “Easter egg” of sorts in honor of the Boston Marathon though the help of Tesla Motors. For a limited time, users of the UberX app in the Boston area will have a chance to be picked up in a Tesla Model S. The user can not request the vehicle – it just shows up if you are requesting car service in the Tesla driver’s area at that time. To add to the fun if you are picked up in the Tesla you also get a free pair New Balance’s new glow-in-the-dark 890v3 sneakers.

According to Uber, the Tesla will be becoming available through Uber Black, the more posh car service wing of the program, but the Tesla will be available on UBERx in order to promote the product.


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