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The Electric Generation

Not specifically a direct career opportunity, but in the interest of adding to our choir and joining together those already in it… I’ve been helping the Edison Electric Institute (EEI -an association representing the shareholder-owned electric utilities in the US), plan and launch a community-oriented campaign to generate consumer interest about the benefits of plug-in vehicles and using electricity as a transportation fuel. “Community”, of course, including everyone from individual EV drivers, to professionals working in the space, to whole companies and industries- the defining factor being that we believe we’re “all in this together” with respect to moving electric transportation forward.

The resulting campaign, The Electric Generation, represents the electric utility industry’s commitment to the widespread adoption of electricity as a transportation fuel. It is meant to amplify and add to existing efforts, not to compete with or replace them. So, much of the content is driver or community generated (including content written by folks in this group), the faces in the logo and on the site are actual drivers and enthusiasts, etc. We also aim to vary that content – basic information for the “EV curious”, along with tips and information that will appeal to those who already have EVs- recognizing that along the way, the utility industry is learning from all of you as well.


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