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Tesla’s (TSLA) Supercharger to Revolutionize America | Washington Times Communities

WASHINGTON, April 25, 2013 – When Tesla announced its proprietary Supercharger network strategy, the United States changed. An idea was set into motion that was extraordinary. You could buy a Model S and charge it at any Supercharger station across the country for free, for life.

The Model S is an expensive high-precision car, but the company does plan to manufacture a $30,000 electric car in a few years, which is certainly an affordable price for Main Street America, especially after considering the fuel savings. If that plan does come to fruition, auto industry competitors better have a game plan, because Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has every intention of charging right past the internal combustion engine era to fulfill his dream of an electric car revolution.

Tesla’s management is focused on its electric car strategy with laser like precision. The company has no distractions with any line of internal combustion engine vehicles. Efficient Model S car production and aggressive marketing of the award winning Model S are the current objectives. The Supercharger is a proprietary technology for the Tesla Model S and future lines, and management has plotted its development plans across the country. Musk and team Tesla need to continue to execute the company vision. The company’s long-term plan is clear, and it is winning the hearts and minds of many Americans.

At this point in time, Tesla has no competitor with a matching charging strategy, which gives the company an enormous advantage. This advantage will become increasingly clear to the American public as more and more Model S owners hit the road, charging for free, for life.



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