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Tesla Model S expected to have better sales than Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF so far this year

How’s it working out so far for Tesla Motors?
The Tesla Roadster was quite a niche model; only seats for 2, a six-figure price, and limited numbers made (around 2,500 total). But it fit well within Tesla’s long-term strategy of starting at the top of the market and progressively going down. This works because a small startup working on new technologies won’t be able to make things cheaply anyway (no economies of scale, it can take years to refine processes, etc), so you might as well make something that people will want to pay a lot of money for. An all-electric Lotus-like supercar fits the bill better than a Corolla-like EV or whatever.

Now the Model S is the next step in the strategy. A cheaper (not cheap by any means, but cheaper) EV that will be produced in larger numbers, progressively ramping up Tesla’s capabilities and finances so that they can, hopefully, within a few years be able to produce an affordable mass-market EV.


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