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SolarCity poll shows solar energy popular with all Arizonans

A new poll financed by California-based SolarCity Corp. and Sunrun indicates that not only is solar energy popular with Arizonans in general, but also heavily favored by Republicans.

The poll findings were released by a group called TUSK — Tell Utilities Solar won’t be Killed — which has formed to support the industry in Arizona.

TUSK promotes a program called “net metering” at Arizona Public Service Co. TUSK members include SolarCity, Sunrun, banks and other parties, according to the group’s public relations representative Jason Rose.

Rooftop solar panels send their electricity to the home or business they are on, but if that property is not using enough electricity to take it all, the excess power goes to the grid. APS, like many utilities, pays customers for the electricity that their panels send to the power grid. Those customers mostly send power to the grid in the daytime, when their solar panels make electricity. At night their buildings draw power from the utility. They are billed on the “net” amount of electricity used.

APS has proposed changing the amount of money credited to customers for the electricity sent to the grid. TUSK is opposed to eliminating or reducing the credits.

The Arizona Corporation Commission, five elected officials who regulate utilities, have a pending decision on the matter.


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