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Rule for EV Battery Health: Location, Location, Location |

Never mind frequent rapid charging and high mileage, the U.K. climate is kind to the Nissan LEAF’s battery pack.

In late March, 2011, I was one of the first people in the U.K. to spend hard-earned cash on a 2011 Nissan LEAF. Since then, my EV has covered nearly 35,000 miles, had two services, a new set of tires, and been all over the country.

Thanks to obsessive-compulsive note-keeping, I know when my LEAF was serviced, what was done when, and how much it cost. I even know when it returned to the dealer for official Nissan recall work.

The thing I haven’t known—until recently that is—is the health of my car’s battery pack. How much capacity has my LEAF’s battery pack lost after two years of weekend shopping trips, family vacations, daily commutes and more rapid charging sessions than I care to remember?

Thanks to my friend Mark—whose partner made a DIY variant on the GID-meter so popular with LEAF owners worldwide—I can now say that my car has lost a scant 1 percent of its original battery capacity.



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