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Researchers uncover charging glitch in lithium batteries – V3 mobile

Batteries that drive everything from tablets and smartphones to electric cars shown to suffer memory effect
Battery life has become a perennial problem for users, with the mobile revolution hamstrung by the need to stay within plug-in distance of a power point. Now researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland and Toyota’s Research Laboratories in Japan have discovered a previously unknown trait in widely used lithium-ion batteries, which they believe could provide the foundations for building better batteries in future.
It’s long been known that Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel-metal hydride batteries suffer from what’s termed the memory effect. When one of these batteries is recharged before its fully out of juice, the battery appears to remember this, and assumes in future that it need not supply all of its energy.
Until now, it had been assumed that lithium-ion batteries were immune to the memory effect. But according to Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Petr Novák and Yoshio Ukyo that is a mistake.
”Ours is the first study that has specifically looked for a memory effect in lithium-ion batteries. It had simply been assumed that no such effect would arise,“ said Novák.


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