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Renault Twin’Z Electric Vehicle Concept Revealed

French car maker, Renault yesterday revealed the Twin’Z concept which is a five doors electric supermini with a rear wheel drive layout. The concept was desinged by Renault and British designer Ross Lovergrove. The Twin’Z Electric vehicle is 3627mm long, 1506mm tall, 1705mm wide, along with a 2495mm wheelbase and weight 980kg.

Renault Twin Z Electric

Deriving its power from a rear mounted electric motor, the Twin’Z concept is capable of belting out 69bhp and 226Nm of torque. The power is transmitted to to the rear-wheels. Coupled with four lithium-Ion battery, it can cover 161km with a top speed of 130kmph. Twin’Z is the fifth concept car to result from Renault’s design strategy which is founded on the notion of the human life cycle, and which is represented as a six-petalled flower. 

“Renault’s design strategy takes its inspiration from the human life cycle, focusing on notions such as ‘Love’, ‘Exploration’, ‘the Family’, ‘Work’, and now ‘Play’. And what better way to express the idea of ‘Play’ than by entering the enchanting world in which Ross’s thoughtful, beautiful and intelligently styled work comes to life. May it inspire you in the same way it inspired us.”

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