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Panama Keeps Canal Carbon-Free With New Electric Vehicle

Panama usually doesn’t come to mind when listing which countries promote environmentally-friendly practices. But the Panama Canal Authority (PAC), which manages the world-renown canal system, recently added its first electric vehicle (EV) to its service fleet.

The lucky EV is a Ford Focus Electric hatchback, and it’s the latest addition to PAC’s “green” fleet. In 2009, the agency acquired nine hybrid vehicles for its various departments. It also installed solar panels for a pilot program at the Mendoza Potable Water Treatment plant.
Ford Focus Electric Panama Canal

Image courtesy of the Panama Canal Authority

Says Jorge L. Quijano, administrator for PAC, “Our world will not be the same in the upcoming years. Each generation has to assume a role and our responsibility to fight against climate change is now, when there is still time.

“Our mission is a group of concrete actions that promote a style of production and consumption that facilitates dialogue with our environment. To think green, allows us to act green; that is why we believe that each dollar spent in conservation is an investment, not an expense. That is how we target resources to renewable and clean energy.”


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