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Nissan hopes to charge up Leaf sales

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PhotoThe Nissan Leaf is a nice-looking little car, if you like that kind of thing. And as a plug-in electric, it’s relatively simple, compared to a full-blown hybrid. All you have to do is plug it in.

Buyers haven’t been exactly electrified by the Leaf although sales have been starting to pick up. About 2,200 were sold in March and now a U.S. factory is starting to turn out Leafs in greater numbers.

Hoping to keep the Leafs from piling up, Nissan is launching an effort to get more public charging stations in place in California, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta and Washington, D.C., where the Leaf is starting to gain a little momentum.

In some of those markets, dealers have been selling as many as 100 Leafs a month, according to Automotive News. In San Francisco, the Leaf has become Nissan’s second-biggest seller after the Altima.


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