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More electric car charge stations on the way

Work to install the first two electric car charging stations in the Township of Langley was scheduled to begin today (Tuesday, April 2) with crews digging trenches to run power lines for public plug-ins under the parking lots of the W.C. Blair Recreation Centre and Walnut Grove Recreation Centre.

The 220 volt Level 2 plug-ins, which draw 20 to 80 amps will fully charge an electric car with a completely exhausted battery in about six to eight hours.

The Township aims to have five Level 2 charging stations operating by the end of April, with a third public station at the Langley Events Centre plus two others reserved for municipal vehicles.

Later on, a Level 3 charging station is planned for the Events Centre, a 400 to 500 volt, 125 amp plug-in that can charge an electric vehicle to about 80 per cent in about 15 minutes.

The Township will pay $39,850 of the $63,850 total for its six stations.

They are being funded in part by the Community Charging Infrastructure Fund, which pays up to 75 per cent of the cost to encourage construction of 570 stations across the province.


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