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Metro Tesla dealership still a year away

A Tesla service shop has opened at the corner of Powell Street and Commercial Drive in Vancouver. andrew mccredie/png
The wait for a Tesla dealership in Vancouver continues.

Company spokeswoman Shanna Hendriks told me earlier this week that while the California-based electric vehicle automaker looks forward to setting up shop in Metro Vancouver — in all likelihood in Oakridge Shopping Centre — “our expectation is that it will be in 2014.”

However, a new Tesla service shop on the corner of Powell and Commercial in Vancouver has been a beehive of activity these past few weeks, with car carrier after car carrier dropping off Model Ss to be prepped for customer delivery.

A makeshift white tent in the parking lot held five of the beautiful all-electric sedans on Tuesday of this week, most still with packing tape and paper on them.

Hendriks couldn’t provide a number as to how many Model Ss have made it to the Vancouver market – “We do not break out cars by delivery location or country” — but judging from the number I’m seeing on the streets and at charging stations, well-heeled Vancouverites are helping Tesla break all sale expectations.

Hendriks reports that 2,650 Model Ss were sold in 2012, and an astounding 4,750 in the first quarter of this year.

Sun Country leads charge

Those new Model S owners, and for that matter all EV owners, owe a debt of gratitude to Vancouver-based Sun Country Highway, a company that has devoted itself to building a Canada-wide charging network.



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