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Mayor considers electric car charging station


Lincoln Mayor Keith Snyder is trying to stir up interest for a new electric car charging station in town.
Snyder has wanted to install a new electric car station in Lincoln for some time and the pieces may be falling together for it to happen downtown and out west by Interstate 55.
The mayor recently received solicitation from the Eaton Corporation, which makes charging stations, to possibly participate in a community project. He said city government must submit a proposal to Eaton for its consideration by the end of April.
“Eaton is a great corporate-citizen,” Snyder said. “They are great supporters of things that happen in Lincoln.”
Around the same time, Brian Bergen of the Lincoln and Logan County Development Partnership heard from students at Heartland Community College in Lincoln that they would like to see an electric car station downtown.
And, Snyder saw it as an opportunity.
“We thought this might be an opportunity to see if Eaton would at least consider funding a proposal to do one or two car charging stations in the community,” Snyder said.
Therefore, educational, private and public groups are all in the mix.
“It’s nice to promote environmental issues as far as being a clean community,” Bergen said.
Coming from an environmental science class, the students wanted to see a green energy source in Lincoln, Bergen said.


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