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Matt Reed: Electric car charging station comes to Melbourne | FLORIDA TODAY |

Another confusing sign of the 21st century just popped up in Brevard.

First it was those rolling green garbage bins county commissioners approved in February, bringing Merritt Island and Port St. John up to speed with most of North America.

Then, a Chipotle Mexican Grill opened in March in Viera.

And now this: A charging station for electric cars, separated by green stripes from the rest of the parking lot at the Eau Gallie Public Library.

I got my first look at the curiosity Wednesday morning and couldn’t wait to start asking questions.

• Does anyone use it?

• Who pays for the power?

• Who built the thing, and for how much?

Turns out, the Melbourne City Council had approved the purchase and installation in January, with money from an energy rebate.

The contraption, at the head of two reserved parking spots, has only been up and running for a week and has not been formally announced. But three electric-car owners had already used an app to locate it within a network of 392 Florida stations and plugged in.

“We may be behind the game, but we didn’t want to be last,” City Engineer Jenni Lamb said. “It doesn’t save energy, but it promotes that lifestyle of using alternative fuels.”



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