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March 2013 electric car sales best ever according to EDTA, led by Leaf and Model S sales

Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S sales are surging, leading to the highest ever monthly sales of electric cars for March 2013.

While Nissan’s 2013 Leaf is setting sales records, the overall market for electrified vehicles is beginning to take off. March 2013 saw the largest sales of all electric vehicles ever, and the first month where all electric vehicle sales outstripped plug-in hybrid sales. It’s not just a one-month blip either, but there is a solid trend of electric vehicle sales growth in EDTA’s figures beginning in September 2012. This turns out to match the growth of Tesla Model S sales.

EDTA’s figures do not break down sales by model, unfortunately. They show in March 2013 hybrid sales were 46,327 units, plug-in hybrid sales were 3,079 units, and battery electric sales were 4,553 units for a total of 53,959 units. in Feb. 2013 the figures were 40,173 hybrids, 2,789 plug-in hybrids, 2,616 battery electrics, for a total of 45,578. In Jan. 2013 the figures were 34,611 hybrids, 2,354 plug-in hybrids, 2,022 battery electrics, for a total of 38,987. The totals for 2013 stand at 121,111 hybrids, 8,222 plug-in hybrids, and 9,191 battery electrics


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