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Mahindra Reva’s e2o electric car notifies you of charge status, unlocked doors

Wouldn’t it be cool if your car could communicate with you or remind you if you have forgotten to turn off the AC or kept the windows open? Well, Mahindra Reva’s e2o is all set to become India’s first truly “connected car”.

The e20 is equipped with an Intelligent Energy Management System and 10 on-board computers that provide real-time drive information, while diagnostics will send you alerts in case of any faults. And providing this information at your fingertips is the e2o app. Basically, the app communicates with the remote server that in turn communicates with your car via an onboard SIM. Vodafone’s Machine-to-Machine (m2m) communication services have been employed here.
Stay connected with your car

Stay connected with the Reva e2o

e2o owners can download the e2o app on their smartphones to communicate with their cars. Currently, the app offers seven services. It lets owners keep track of the car battery and know how far they can travel with the available charge. This information is provided on a map—a green circle indicates the area that can be covered in a round trip, while a red area indicates the range for a one-way trip. The map will also show the charging points available on the route. It’s also possible to remotely control air-condition using the app to schedule to pre-heat or pre-cool the car before you start your journey. Similarly, you can lock/unlock the car doors and even plan your trips.


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