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LEAF Scores Electrical Vehicle First With Five-Star Safe

The latest European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) safety tests involve six significant cars. After the simulated frontal and side-impact crashes, the Nissan Leaf emerged as the first fully electric vehicle to achieve a five-star overall rating for occupant protection.

Nissan says its top score was due to the Leaf’s battery pack being located below the rear seat compartment, minimising the risks of battery damage or high-voltage leaking.

Euro NCAP is an independent organisation that carries out controlled tests on all the latest cars so that buyers can compare like with like.

Those tests include frontal impact, side impact, side pole impact and whiplash.

The Leaf – the reigning European and World Car of the Year – earned an 89pc rating for adult safety, and 83pc rating for child protection and an 84pc rating for its on-board safety assist systems.

Nissan Leaf – A car with no oil, no petrol tank, no transmission, no exhaust pipe. A car that runs on 100% electricity, an energy source that can be made cheaply and ecologically. A car that charges while you sleep, while you shop, while you work. A car that embraces recycled materials A car so vastly original, it will change the way we build, drive and think about cars for years to come

The new LEAF offers you the most exciting, practical and stylish way to own an Electric Vehicle. Powered by compact lithium-ion batteries for fast-charging and a range of approx. 175 kilometres, the LEAF is intelligently designed 5 seater family car with regenerative braking, ultra-smooth aerodynamics and even low energy headlights.

The new Nissan LEAF has the performance of a 1.6 litre petrol-engine & can be recharged to 80% battery capacity in around 25 minutes from a fast charging point

There will be just one version of Nissan LEAF available in Ireland fully equipped with features such as 16? Alloy Wheels, fully automatic Climate Control, Satellite Navigation, Cruise Control, a Rear Parking Camera and a Quick Charge Socket. Safety equipment such as Driver, Passenger, Side and Curtain airbags will be standard along with Electronic Stability Control. Equipment will also include the very distinctive LED headlamps which is a first for Nissan.


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