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Innovative Peel-&-Stick Thin-Film Solar Cells Developed

Getting tired of solar technology advancements? Me neither. The latest one we’ve got for you is about ever-popular peel-and-stick solar cells. Check out the news, reposted from Le Solar Love:

Thanks to intelligence and academic investigation, solar may soon get more convenient and more easily accessible for application and use. Collaboration is important to achieving the massive generation of renewable energy that we need. And such collaboration has helped the development of peel-and-stick solar cells.

A new Si wafer has been developed that can be attached to each and every surface as simply as a sticker due to the enterprise and favorable outcome of Hanyang University and Stanford University researchers. It is clean peel-and-apply option that works with just about any structure or surface. The peeled-off TFSCs from the Si wafer are light and flexible.
Image Credit: Hanyang University

Image Credit: Hanyang University

“Professor Dong Rip Kim of the Department of Mechanical Engineering has succeeded in fabricating peel-and-stick thin film solar cells (TFSCs) with the collaboration of Stanford team led by Professor Xiaolin Zheng,” Jisoo Lee of Internet Hanyang News writes. ”This method makes possible the overcoming of hardships related to working with traditional solar cells, namely the lack of handling, high manufacturing cost, and limited flexibility while maintaining performance.”


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