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How Tesla made electric cars desirable

Though consumers shy away from electric cars, many auto experts predict that they are the future of mobility. Tesla Motors surely believes so.

The company resurrected electric vehicle market with cars that are visually appealing and performance driven.

Tesla Motors debuted with Roadster, which ran on lithium-ion batteries and was capable of 320 kms range with a full charge.

The innovation was not just limited capability of the batteries – the motor was capable to take the vehicle from standstill to 97 kmph in a mere 3.7 seconds.

This is a clear reflection of the sports car capabilities that electric vehicles can provide with a single gear box.

Though Toyota Prius was the widely known hybrid vehicle back when Tesla Roadster was launched, the completely electric appeal of the Tesla Roadster along with its striking aesthetics made it the centre of the automobile industry overnight.


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