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How about – Tata Nano Speedster and Nano City Van?

When Tata Motors launched the Nano in 2009, the expectations from this ultra low-cost hatchback were through the roof. But soon the initial enthusiasm died out and the Nano’s sales chart nose-dived. Considering the investment in the Nano project was close to Rs 2,000 crore, Tata Motors was not going to fold its hands and watch the Nano fail.

2012 Tata Nano

Over the years, Tata Motors has tried every trick in the book to pump some life into the Nano dream. Be it introducing new features, minor facelifts, rural sales, exciting finance schemes; you name it and Tata Motors has done it. In the midst of dwindling sales, Tata Motors was even ready to look at the Tata Nano as a platform and not just a product.

2011 Tata Nano Pixel Concept

The Pixel Concept was the first offshoot of the Nano platform

Tata Motors was ready to develop multiple body styles to cater to a diverse target market with the Nano platform. We saw a roofless version of the Tata Nano testing at Tata’s Sanand factory. We saw the design study Pixel – an uber-luxurious version of the Nano for the developed markets. We also saw some other offshoots such as MegaPixel and Tata Nano EV.

Sadly, none of these body-styles ever made it to production. But that hasn’t stopped rendering artists across the globe from dreaming. A very talented artist from the UK named Matthew Swann has presented some exquisite renderings of two interesting body-styles – Tata Nano Speedster & Tata Nano City Van.



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