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Ford pulls ahead of Toyota in plug-in car race – The Globe and Mail

Gas-electric hybrids have not taken the world by storm, but they are attracting a growing following among city-dwellers who appreciate hybrids’ fuel savings in stop-and-go traffic. Toyota is certainly the hybrid leader having sold more hybrid vehicles than any other manufacturer and, as a result, earned itself a reputation as a “green car” company.

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The next step for hybrids though is plug-in hybrids, which make a great deal of sense for a certain kind of driver. If you’re going to be lugging around that large, expensive and extremely heavy battery along with one or more electric motors, it makes sense to be able to drive the thing emission-free on electricity only, which is about 25 per cent the price of gasoline. If you have a driveway and an extension cord (and about 40 thousand bucks) you have all you need to join the plug-in ranks.

Last week, I drove two important plug-in hybrids back to back: the Toyota Prius PHV and the Ford C-Max Energi. It would appear that as hybrids advance to plug-in hybrids, Ford has taken the lead from Toyota.



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