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Ford and MIT Developing Ultra-Efficient EV Cabin Heater/Cooler

For example, a Tesla Model S driven by a NY Times reporter, John Broder, in February this year had issues with this exact same problem, as heating was one of the factors that drained the car’s battery significantly. Well, it was proven later than Broder used the Model S just like a regular gas car when he drove it, didn’t take energy efficiency into account much and several other Model S owners proved one can take the same road trip he did without depleting the battery. I even interviewed Elon Musk on technicalities after the scandal was over.
But the Model S or any of the future Tesla cars may not be the first to benefit from the new MIT/Ford heating/cooling system. Of course, Ford is thinking about implementing it into a future Focus EV, hence improving its image of an electric car maker in advance and the car itself later on (in about two years). Their project got a $2.7 million grant from ARPA-E.
The new thermal battery’s secret lies in the materials that it’s made of. They used materials that can store large amounts of coolant in a small volume. The same coolant will be able to cool and heat the car cabin.


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