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FedEx Tests Nissan e-NV200 Electric Vans in Singapore

Nissan is teaming up with FedEx to test the e-NV200 electric van in Singapore, ahead of its official launch in 2014. The e-NV200 is an electric version of the NV200 commercial van manufactured by Nissan. The field test in Singapore is part of a larger evaluation program announced by Nissan and FedEx last fall at the Hannover Motor Show.

Singapore was chosen as a field test site for Nissan and FedEx because of that country’s proactive environmental policies. Previously the e-NV200 was tested in London, and in Yokohama, Japan. Following the test in Singapore, the field test will expand to other countries including the U.S. and Brazil.

The e-NV200 offers the same space, versatility, and practicality of the NV200 commercial van. Because the powertrain is derived from the one used in the Nissan LEAF, it has similar driving characteristics. It also has features making it suitable for business use, such as an advanced telematics system, and a power supply outlet in the cargo compartment.

FedEx expects to reap financial gains, as well environmental benefits, from the electric van. The vehicle’s daily operational costs (fuel and maintenance) are less than for similar gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles. The savings come from the lower cost of electricity as a fuel, the higher efficiency of electric powertrains, and lower maintenance costs, including less frequent brake pad replacement.

The NV200 has been selected by NY City for its Taxi of Tomorrow program. Taxi’s in NYC are slated to be replaced by specially outfitted NV200’s with features specific to use as a taxi. The fleet will include e-NV200 models, so that NYC will become one of the first cities in the world with electric taxis in regular service.

In the Singapore field test, FedEx will use an e-NV200 as a delivery vehicle for a month. After that month, the vehicle’s potential for delivery of international air cargo will be evaluated. The results of that evaluation will be rolled into future development of the e-NV200.


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