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docSTAR Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Station for Employees –

docSTAR Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Station for Employees

Company Joins Select Group of Regional Businesses Offering “Park and Plug In” Services

SCHENECTADY, NY–(Marketwired – April 22, 2013) – docSTAR, an award-winning developer of document management and content productivity solutions, has paved the way for its own employees to become more efficient and help the environment through the installation of a Type 2 electric vehicle charging station.

“docSTAR’s products and culture are dedicated to increasing our clients’ efficiency and overall productivity, resulting in significant cost savings,” said Vice President and Principal Greg Laird. “Additionally, our solutions are ‘green,’ we eliminate paper and more importantly we prevent paper from even being used. Streamlining the way organizations collaborate on content is what we do. With this EV charging station, we’ll be able to offer our 50 employees similar benefits of commuting green and saving time.”

“Those with electric vehicles will no longer have to spend time refueling at gas stations,” explained Laird. “They can now simply plug in while they work and have a full battery by day’s end. What’s more, instead of spending up to $50 on gasoline for their weekly commute, they can now charge their vehicle for around 60 cents per day, thereby reaping a significant yearly savings.”

At present, one member of staff is using the electric vehicle charger. More charging stations will be added as other employees purchase electric vehicles in an effort to pare back transportation costs and reduce fossil fuel dependence.

“Our employees are technologists. They are enthusiastic about all forms of technology. They are scientific by nature. Many believe that man-made activities contribute to climate change,” noted Laird. “The EV charging station closely aligns with their values and is another form of innovation that’s a completely different technology stack from our own.”



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