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Designing tomorrow’s gas stations

In another decade or two, charging stations may be as ubiquitous as gas stations are today.

With electric vehicles (EVs) gaining in popularity, it’s possible that in a few years they might be just as commonplace as hybrids are today. That possibility leads us to an interesting question: Where will be charge our EVs and what will charging stations look like?

A recent global competition may hold the answer to that question. Designers from around the world were presented with a simple challenge: Design a one-car solar charging station and canopy with emphasis on economy, aesthetics, modular flexibility and sustainability.

Designers sharpened their pencils, submitted their ideas, and when the dust settled, one idea stood apart from the pack. Greek architect, Anestis Papaemanouil, won top spot for his “TWITT” concept, inspired by the form of birds sitting on a wire (I don’t see it).



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