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Coalition generating ideas for sustainable transportation

NORTH OAKVILLE – Generating ideas for more sustainable transportation was the goal for a recent meeting of the Oakville Sustainable Transportation Coalition (OSTC), one that was met.
“We had some really great ideas come up,” said Pam Damoff, Ward 2 Councillor and member of Cycle Oakville, one of the groups supporting the OTSC. “It’s a matter of how do we now execute these ideas.”
One exercise undertaken by the group was to rank the various goals involved with sustainable transportation. The result was surprising.
“Number one was getting kids more active,” said Damoff. “Even though people came from all different backgrounds, some of whom haven’t been on a bicycle in years and are transit-focused, every single person had the same top priority.”
Common themes that were discussed in the meeting included providing kids active and safe routes to school, providing cycling infrastructure, advocacy and funding for the initiatives.
“It was a really positive meeting,” Damoff added.
The OSTC is comprised of multiple groups including GreenTrans, Cycle Oakville, Go Local Oakville, the Oakville Cycling Club and the Region of Halton, as well as interested parties.
The group is not taking an anti-car stance, Damoff noted.


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